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The West Central Trojan track teams competed at home Tuesday, against Tri-County and Covenant Christian. Final scores found the home team in second place for both boys and girls. Winning for the Trojans were Brett Czahor in the 400, Alfred Daniel in the 100 and 200, Avery Blackburn in the 3200 and the 400 (Fritz, Daniel, Pratt, Kroft) and 800 (Doughty, R. Smith, Stevens, B. Czahor) relay teams, C. Wuethrich in high jump and 3200, Barlow in 100 hurdles. Friday we travel to North Miami for the Warrior Relays. We return home for Senior Night on Tuesday, April 24th.

Girl’s Varsity Track Results
West Central–49, Covenant Christian–77, Tri-County–25

Complete Results:
Name–Place–Distance or Time
Discus: Renee Conner–3rd–72’, Megan Oliver–4th–69’ 3”
Long Jump: Shyla Wenzel–2nd– 13’9.5”
High Jump: Camille Wuethrich–1st–4’6”, Adriana Barlow–2nd–4’4”
100 M: Jenna Cords–3rd–14.62
200 M: Jenna Cords–4th–31.10
400 M: Sydnee Vlach–3rd–1:10.68, Shyla Wenzel–4th–1:12.72
800 M: Wiejanne Bolhuis–2nd–2:54.34
1600 M: Camille Wuethrich–2nd–6:16.89
3200 M: Camille Wuethrich–1st–13:54
100 M Hurdles: Adriana Barlow–1st–18.21
300 M Hurdles: Adyson Mitchell–2nd–58.43
400 M Relay: Adyson Mitchell, Tori Culp, Jenna Cords, Adriana Barlow–2nd–58.03
1600 M Relay: Adriana Barlow, Sydnee Vlach, Shyla Wenzel, Adyson Mitchell–2nd–4:53.65
3200 M Relay: Adyson Mitchell, Sydnee Vlach, Camille Wuethrich, Shyla Wenzel–1st–11:52.84

Boy’s Varsity Track
West Central–54, Tri-County–62, Covenant Christian–37

Complete Results:
Name–Place–Distance or Time
Long Jump: Cameron Pratt–2nd–17’2”
High Jump: Cameron Pratt–4th–5’4”
100 M: Alfred Daniel–1st–11.46, Collin Fritz–2nd–11.5
200 M: Alfred Daniel–1st–24.52
400 M: Brett Czahor–1st–55.5
800 M: Ryan Smith–3rd–2:40.52, Jerod Glasford–4th–2:44.62
1600 M: Avery Blackburn–3rd–5:43, Jerod Glasford–4th–5:44
3200 M: Avery Blackburn–1st–12:45, Michael Robinson–4th–14:07
110 M Hurdles: Michael Kottka–3rd–17.81
300 M Hurdles: Michael Kottka–2nd–48.52
400 M Relay: Collin Fritz, Alfred Daniel, Cameron Pratt, Zane Kroft–1st–47.58
1600 M Relay: Collin Fritz, Brandon Stevens, Alfred Daniel, Brett Czahor–2nd–3:58
3200 M Relay: Keegan Doughty, Ryan Smith, Brandon Stevens, Brett Czahor–1st–9:52.62