Trojans News · Week #5 Varsity Wrestling

After a two week break, the Trojan wrestlers traveled to New Prairie High School
for their 10 Way Super Duals. Teams competing were, Chesterton, Goshen,
Valpo, Fairhaven Baptist, Michigan City, New Prairie, New Prairie JV, Boone Grove,
Knox, and ourselves.
We started out the day with the New Prairie JV team. It was going to be a long
day for ourselves as we only had 7 wrestlers with us, because of various reasons.
Our 7 guys came out strong, pinned five guys and won the other two matches to
get a good win 37-30. Their 30 points came off of forfeits.
Next, we had Fairhaven Baptist. We wrestled them two weeks ago and were able
to get a very close win. They showed up with a few more wrestlers this time and
we lost this one 57-19.
The New Prairie Varsity team was next. We wrestled very well but giving them
42 points made it all but impossible to win and we lost 51-19.
Goshen was up next for us, and like the last team, we were going to give them
42 points also. They are a tough and well-disciplined team that was a little too
much for us and we lost 64-15.
The last team of the day was Valpo. Again we were going into the match down
42 points. Out of our seven wrestlers we only lost 1 match but still came up short
and lost 45-31.
Medalling for us was Collin Fritz who was 5-0 on the day. Also, Medalling for us
was Braden Nuest, Dalton Sizemore, and Griffin McIlvain who all were 4-1 on the
We travel to Benton Central on Monday for a dual meet and on Thursday we will
host Knox on our Senior Night. We will also have a bonus exhibition at our Senior
Night with our Wrestling Club kids.